Incentives and Rewards

  1. For Liquidity Providers

  • LLP token holders benefit from the PNL of traders trading which appreciates of the LLP token value over time.

  • If a user stakes his or her LLP on LogX, then the user is also eligible to earn a share of the fees that the protocol collects. 60% of all the fees that are collected by the protocol are distributed among the LLP token stakers in the ratio of their staked LLP amount. Fees are disbursed weekly, and the users can claim their reward for staking every week.

  • Also Liquidity gems are given to Liquidity providers for Minting LLP token.

    • For new deposits, gems are credited immediately as soon as you mint LLP,

    • For existing deposits, LP gems are credited daily at the end of the day at 11:59 PM UTC.

    • New tiers do not impact your previously earned gems as per the old tiers.

    • Refer Rewards page to see your Liquidity gems.

    Example: At Day0 you minted 3000 usd worth LLP token . So instant you will recieve 2000 x 1 + 1000 x 1.5 (mulplier will depend on current tier) . Now on Day 1 if you add 2000 usd more, so again instant you will recieve 2000 x 1 . Also since you have kept llp token for complete day for Day0 without burning it. So at end of Day 1 you will also recieve daily deposit rewards for Day0 i.e 2000 x 1 + 1000 x 1.5 . So at end of day 1 you will having 9000 gems.

  1. For Traders

  • Traders get Trade Point cards on each open and close posiiton considered both as different trades. Number of Trade Point cards depend on chain and can refer it from here.

  • Each TradePoint card contains some points in some range based on size of trade . So once after getting Trade Point card one can claim them from Rewards page. Also a user can see total points aggregated on same page top corner aggregated from all claimed trade point cards.

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