Fee Structure

LogX Pro perp dex charges a fee of 0.06% for taker orders and 0.03% for maker orders as position fees.

When trading on LogX OG perp DEX, the following fee structure is applied to a position:

Position Fee

LogX OG charges a fixed platform fee from traders when a position is opened or closed. The fixed fee is 0.1% of the position size and is subtracted from the position collateral when opening and closing a position.

Borrowing Fee

Along with the position fee, a recurring borrowing fee is also charged per hour for every open position. The borrowing fee is introduced to avoid scenarios of users opening up equal longs and shorts positions and eating up unnecessary liquidity from the pool.

The borrowing fee depends on the size and utilization of the pool. Borrowing fee is accumulated on an interval of every 60 seconds and collected only when you increase or decrease a position.

  • 0.05% every hour for a position size less thank or equal to 1000

    • e.g. $0.5 when position size is $1000

  • ⁠0.025% every hour for a position size greater than 1000 and less than or equal to 10000

    • e.g. $2.5 when size is $10,000

  • 0.01% every hour for positions greater than 10000

    • e.g. $10 when size is 100,000

Funding Fee

When there is an imbalance between long and short positions, the side with the greater exposure pays a funding fee to the side with the smaller exposure. Funding fees serve as an incentive to maintain a balanced distribution of long and short positions.

Funding fees can be both positive and negative when a position is opened. Funding fees for longs and short depends on the oiImbalance between the two and can be calculated as:

FundingRateForLong = (fundingRateFactor*(oiImbalance**fundingExponent))/ (globalLongSizeVault + globalShortSizeVault)

FundingRateForShort = nextFundingRateForLong * globalLongSizeVault globalShortSizeVault

Liquidation Fee

A liquidation fee of 500 bps is collected by the protocol if your position is liquidated.

Note that the minimum liquidation fee that the protocol collects is 2 USD. In case the liquidation fee, i.e., 500 bps of the position size, exceeds this value, max of the two will be deducted as liquidation fee.

Execution Fee

The process of opening, closing, and placing an order for a position involves two steps:

  1. Users initiate the first transaction to request the desired action (open, close, or place an order).

  2. Keepers monitors our smart contracts for these requests and then carry out the requested actions.

The cost incurred in the second transaction is known as the execution fee, i.e., the fees collected by the keepers in order to execute requests.

Market order execution fee and limit order execution fee can be read from OrderManager.minExecutionFeeMarketOrder and OrderManager.minExecutionFeeLimitOrderrespectively

Currently both these values are set to:

  • Linea: 0.0031 ETH

  • Mantle: 0.45 MNT

  • Kroma: 0.0015 ETH

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